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I was given the trade "React!" my first gig at a Sweet 16, being a 15 year-old DJ.
Some people call me the "Avatar" of Electronic Dance Music.
Hardstyle, Trance, Electro, & House are my four main signatures in the comfort zone of EDM.
These eras are put into my moods, shuffling, jumping, raging, ANY movement by me, but most of mixing & soon my music.
This is my life.
- R!
⤶ R e a c t !↗

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Robin the bank

#that pun was on point

mac bein’ deep nd shit

Mental Asylum night at Exchange LA

EDC Las Vegas 2014

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I am DEFINITELY stoked for this night at FORTE. Thursday nights here off of the most powerful area in central Austin have been growing very strong to both the classy side of EDM and college. Tonight? Wet T-Shirt contest & #Hau5Music? Yes, please.