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⤶ R e a c t !↗
I was given the trade "React!" my first gig at a Sweet 16, being a 15 year-old DJ.
Some people call me the "Avatar" of Electronic Dance Music.
Hardstyle, Trance, Electro, & House are my four main signatures in the comfort zone of EDM.
These eras are put into my moods, shuffling, jumping, raging, ANY movement by me, but most of mixing & soon my music.
This is my life.
- R!
⤶ R e a c t !↗
Tonight is going to be the best night of my entire life.Of my entire DJs career, & Of my entire time in Texas.If you all are in Austin, if anyone is in Austin, don’t miss out. <3
React! - [BRANDED] by Hate
To be released LIVE tomorrow night @ [lullaby]!・Let’s go Austin!18+ To Hookah 21+ FREE + UNLIMITED Beer w/ Purchase of Hookah#BYOB (Check your liquor/beer in at the reception at all times.)————————————————————————————————-- FORTE’S is a beautifully modern-styled Lounge & Cafe that JUST opened up; a major upgrade & redemption from Kasbah. Not being your average, it’s a huge venue itself with a stage & big smooth dance floor.Hookah’s are $15, but are literally the most tastiest in the entire city.- There will be a decent amount of visuals (lasers, fog by Waveform!) & of course a mind-blowing sound system. Enjoy that shisha, pour yourself away with an unlimited amount of good beer, & feel the bass from these uniquely talented, professional & sponsored local DJs!-Doors: 8:00pm-4:00am-Music: 10:00pm-4:00am********************LINE UP**********************——————————————————————————————-・R E A C T ! [Kikwear/1NUG/HoneylabATX/Andronica]——————————>・S H O O E L A C E [RealMusic Events/Beat Binge] ——————————————->・J U S T - B L A N C H E [Analog Addicted/1NUG]——————————————————>・P R O G R E S S I O N [1NUG]—————————————————> ・K I L L A M I K E [Digital Productions]—————————————>・B R O T E K [Bearhouse Entertainment]——————————>————————————————————————————————Dancing by Foxyy (Savannah) & Blinkie (Amy Wu)————————————————————————————————©Kikwear 2014©One Nation Under Groove 2014#TeamReact!on™Waveform Lasers™©Forte Lounge and Cafe 2013Flaic™ EquipmentPhotography & Cinematography by Reckless Production!Current RSVPs: 184

Awe I love this
Last night was fucking BALLER. #TeamReact!on straight OWNED Karma last night. Now 5th street knows who we are!

Ah this is tight!! ❤️

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i should wear this for the rest of my life



I’m gonna need me one of these.